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Always Get a W-9 Form!

Always Get A W-9 Before Paying Your Vendors!

In this video we will discus how important it is to always get a W-9 form before paying your vendors. You will learn how this can help you avoid IRS backup withholding requirement, IRS error notices, B-notice processing, and IRS penalties/interest. This is a must video for anyone making payments to vendors or independent contractors!

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W9manager Demo

Stop managing your W-9/1099 compliance process manually. Automate your entire IRS W-9/1099 process from requesting W-9 to filing 1099 forms. And reduce your risk of IRS penalties. We founded W9manager to do just that and give your team a significant amount of time back at year-end.

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Why do I need to fill out a W-9 form?

Learn how companies are required to tell the IRS about payments they make to their vendors and independent contractors. Understand what the IRS does with your payment information and how your return could be red-flagged if you don’t do things correctly. Avoid the consequences of not submitting a W-9.

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LLC’s often get their W-9 wrong. Why it matters to you.

Limited Liability Company regularly complete their W-9 forms incorrectly. The forget to select the type of LLC. They provide the wrong legal name or TIN number. And single-member LLCs are disregarded by the IRS and should always use the owners information. Learn how to spot these errors.

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