IRS TIN Matching

Ensure that the 1099 forms you issue this year have correct name/TIN combinations.  Avoid IRS error notices and additional penalties. 

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See how TIN Matching can help you!

The IRS allows companies to validate the name and TIN number shown on W-9s and 1099s for reportable payments  
against the IRS’s own database for accuracy.  

Reduce error notices

Reduce or even completely eliminate name/TIN error notices from the IRS

Save time

Give your team significant time back by avoiding complex B Notice requirements

Avoid penalites

Avoid IRS penalties of up to $250 PER 1099 form that is not correct and complete

Show due diligence

Penalties are waived when a payer can show due diligence from TIN matching

Something for every need

Whether you are filing your first Form 1099-MISC or you are a seasoned pro with years of experience,  
we have the content to help make your 1099 season a success.

Use only what you need

Purchase prepaid credits and only use them when you need them. TIN match W-9s as you receive them and 1099s before filing with the IRS.

Quick turnaround

TIN matching results are received back from the IRS within 24-hours of submission.

Affordable pricing

Prepaid credits are affordable for both large and small businesses. $99-100, $199-250, $349-500, $499-1,000

TIN matching selected

It is easy to get started!

Create a free W9manager account and then click on the TIN Matching option on the left menu.  Purchase the number of prepaid credits you would like, upload the records to be TIN matched and get the results back within 24 hours.  End your 1099 season strong!