Security is our number one priority.

Security is very important to us here at W9manager. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and security of our customer’s data is our highest priority.  We have provided some more information here for your reference.

Where is the W9manager site hosted?

W9manager resides on one of the largest and most secure hosting platforms in the United States, Amazon Web Services (AWS).   This allows the site to leverage all available security features to ensure site traffic, data storage and data communications are secure.  This also provides redundancy in the case of natural disasters or malicious attacks.

Does W9manager secure the site with a digital site certificate issued from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA)?

Yes.  W9manager uses a digital site certificate issued by Amazon’s AWS Certificate Manager service.  This certificate is installed on all external facing application and load balancing servers. No direct access to the W9manager system is possible without utilization of these certificates.

Is the data I upload/enter into W9manager stored securely?

Yes.  All identifiable data stored in our databases is encrypted at rest using industry standard 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.  All system generated PDFs are stored in Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service also using 256-bit AES encryption.

Is the data I upload/enter into W9manager sent securely?

Yes. All site traffic and communication is secured with digital site certificates adhering to the ISO X.509 standard. All communications utilize HTTPS with SSL(Secure Socket Layer)/TSL security layers that are encrypted using RSA-2048 and SHA-256 algorithms.

Does W9manager store banking account or credit card information?

No.  All credit card information is stored with our processor, Stripe.  By leveraging their industry experience and secure payment services infrastructure, W9manager ensures that any credit card information obtained from our customers is safe, secure, and PCI compliant.

Does W9manager keep my company’s information private?​

Protecting your private information is of paramount importance to the team at W9manager.  We understand that your personal information should be kept secure and confidential at all times.  Click here to see our privacy policy.

Who can access my company’s data?

Only customers that you send your W-9 to, and users you have authorized within W9manager, have access to your data.  W9manager will never share your data with other customers or third parties.

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