IRS Proposes NEW 1099-NEC form PLUS best practices for managing W-9 forms.

Form 1099-NEC

I recently had the pleasure of joining Debra Richardson on her weekly podcast to discuss the new proposed Form 1099-NEC form and best practices for managing the W-9/1099 form process. The IRS is looking to bring back Form 1099-NEC, last seen in 1982! They are looking to see nonemployee compensation payments reported separately on Form 1099-NEC and no longer in box 7 on Form 1099-MISC. Join us as we discuss the potential consequences of this change and how companies should be prepared.

We also talk about the best practices for managing the Form W-9/1099 process using W9manager. The goal at W9manager is to help companies complete their process each year before the season even starts. We all have better things to do in January! I encourage you to make your commute productive and learn while you drive!

Debra Richardson is an expert on managing the accounts payable process efficiently and securely. If you need expert advice in the payables area or just want to learn more, visit her site at

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