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Is there a limit to the number of bulk files I can upload each day?

No. There is currently no limit. Once the system has been fully implemented, and there are many users logged in, the time it takes to upload files may slow somewhat. At this time, e-Services does not plan to restrict the number of file uploads per day for any user.

When naming your .txt file, do not use special characters in the file name. Type the file name in plain fonts, (Courier works best), and place the dot extension directly before the file name extension. Example, a file named TIN Match Vol2 should be saved as TIN Match Vol2.txt. Unacceptable file names, such as TIN.Match.Vol2.txt or TIN_Match_Vol2.txt, may cause your file to be rejected by the system.

For additional information see Publication 2108a, Online TIN Matching Program.