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How does the Bulk TIN Matching work?

In bulk TIN Matching, you may attach a .txt file with up to 100,000 TIN/Name combinations to be matched. The .txt file will be formatted as follows:

TIN Type (1 = EIN, 2 = SSN, 3 = Unknown)

TIN (9 digits Taxpayer Identification Number)

Name * (up to 40 characters)

Account Number (optional field for your use – up to 20 Alpha/numeric – NOTE:  the system will not read this information)

A semi-colon (;) will be the delimiter between fields. Each line of input will signify a new record.


TIN Type; TIN; Name; Account Number

TIN Type; TIN; Name;

If you submit a record without the required fields (TIN Type, TIN, Name), the response you will receive will be Indicator 4, Invalid Request. If you don’t know the TIN Type, enter “3” and the system will check both the SSN and EIN master files. Within 24 hours, the response will be sent to a secure mailbox and an email notification will be sent to you indicating a response is waiting. You will have 30 days to access and download the results file. Once accessed, the results are retained for 3 days before being purged. The same information you sent in the .txt file will be returned with one additional field containing the results indicator.

*The system will only accept limited special characters in the name line for Bulk TIN Matching. Hyphens and ampersands will be accepted. Commas, apostrophes and other special characters should be omitted from the name line. For instance, the name O’Malley & Sons should be input as OMalley & Sons.

For additional information see Publication 2108a, Online TIN Matching Program.