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I want to send a W-9 form

I want to send a W-9 form
  • Use our guided process to help correctly create your W-9 form with context-sensitive help.
  • Avoid using your Social Security number.
  • Send your W-9 from anywhere on any device as often as needed.
  • Securely send your W-9 form using 256-bit SSL encryption. No more unsecure emailing.

Create and send your W-9.
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I want to request a W-9 form

I want to request a W-9 form
  • Request electronic W-9s with improved accuracy and completeness.
  • Determine what vendor payments are 1099-MISC reportable.
  • Manage W-9s centrally while allowing anyone in your organization to request them.
  • Obtain authorization from vendors to send 1099s electronically and avoid mailing paper forms.

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How it works

Request an Electronic W-9 Form

Request W-9s

Set up anyone in your company to request a W-9 form when adding a new vendor, in the office or on the road, from any mobile device.

Create & Send an Electronic W-9 form

Create & Send W-9s

Vendors use our guided process to complete an electronic W-9 or upload a scanned PDF W-9 and then send it to you, avoiding unsecure emailing.

Review Vendor Payments for 1099-MISC reportability

Determine 1099 Reportability

Receive notification of W-9 receipt and then use our reportability guide to determine which vendor payments are 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC reportable.

Manage All Your W-9 Forms Centrally, Online, In One Place

Process 1099s

Download a listing of your reportable vendors, add the payment amount, and then directly upload the file to process 1099s with our partner, tax2efile.

It's always free to create & send W-9s


Request electronic W-9s

Send an electronic W-9 request to anyone from any device at any time. Automatic reminders help to ensure a timely response.

An email with the company’s contact information will be sent to the vendor requesting that they complete an electronic W-9 form online.  The vendor will then have the option to create an electronic W-9 or upload an existing scanned PDF W-9 form.  The W9manager create process is a guided process with context-sensitive help that enables the user to create a more accurate and complete W-9.  The requesting company will then receive an alert when the W-9 form has been completed.  

Improve IRS 1099 compliance

Prepare for 1099 season now by ensuring you have a validated, complete W-9 for every vendor and know what payments are 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC reportable and why. 

Our 1099-MISC/NEC reportability guide makes it easy to comply with complex IRS information reporting requirements.  You select the type of payment being made and W9manager compares this to the tax classification reported on the W-9 form.  With this information W9manager tells you if the payment will be 1099-MISC  or 1099-NEC reportable, not reportable or unknown.  If the payment is likely reported on another 1099 form, W9manager will notate that outcome. 

Avoid sending paper 1099s

Avoid the time-consuming task of printing, stuffing and mailing 1099s. Vendors are given the option to opt in to receive 1099s electronically if they agree to the required IRS disclosure.

The IRS requires that paper 1099 forms are physically mailed out annually summarizing all reportable payments made to vendors.  The IRS provides an option to opt in to receive 1099s electronically if the vendor agrees to the required IRS disclosure.  Companies are also required to comply with certain notifications and provide opt-out options.  W9manager handles all these tasks.  When electronic delivery is authorized, paper 1099 forms no longer need to be mailed.


Receive alerts within W9manager and by email.  Alerts include requests for your W-9 and the receipt of W-9 forms. 

Alerts show up on the left menu.  Click on the “Accept W-9s” tab to see W-9s received that are pending your appoval and “Open Requests” tab to see requests for your own W-9 form.  

Fully mobile

Users can easily request, create, send and receive W-9 forms from anywhere using mobile phones and tablets.        

Companies are able to send a request for a W-9 form to anyone from a mobile device.  In turn, independent contractors and vendors are able to respond to requests by creating their W-9 form and sending it back securely from their mobile device.  All W-9s received are captured centrally on the requester’s W9manager account. 

Manage all your W-9s centrally

Manage all your W-9s in one central online account.  Manage multiple companies and users at no additional cost. Search for W-9s using any vendor or W-9 field.                     

Assign anyone in your company access to request W-9s without giving access to the entire account.  This is a great option for personnel in the field, salespeople on the road or staff at a tradeshow collecting W-9 forms.  All W-9s will be sent directly to your online library.  W9manager also provides reporting that includes  vendor details, W-9 information and 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC reportability. 

W-9 Pricing

Free Plan for Contracts to Create and Send Their W-9 Form

Create & Send

Create and send your W-9s 
from anywhere using our guided process

Always FREE

Small Business Pricing Plan for W-9 Forms

Small Business

Ideal for small business owners with limited vendors


W-9s managed annually
with 1099-MISC/NEC reportability reviews

$29 / yr

Company Pricing Plan for W-9 Forms


Plans to meet any mid-size company’s needs

W-9s managed annually with 
1099-MISC/NEC reportability reviews

$99 / yr

Enterprise Pricing Plan for W-9 Forms


Sophisticated enough for the largest companies


W-9s managed annually with
1099-MISC/NEC reportability reviews

$999 / yr

Additional Pricing

1099 Filing

Number of 1099s

1 – 9

10 – 24

25 – 49

50 – 99

100 – 249

250 – 499

500 – 999

1000 – 2499


Price per IRS e-file










TIN Matching

Number of TINs







Price per TIN match








1099 filing includes:

IRS electronic filing, 1099 download links sent to recipients – Forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC

USPS mailing

Mailing is an additional $1.50 per form.

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